Friday, March 14, 2014

Who Needs Terrorists?

Earlier this week there was a huge gas explosion in what used to be called Spanish Harlem and is now called East Harlem.  A residential building was reduced to rubble and as of this moment eight are confirmed dead with dozens injured.  Windows were blown out of others.

Was it Al-Qaeda?  

No, it was Con Edison -- Power Provider Extraordinaire.

The utility said they received a call from a nearby resident at 9:13 and dispatched a crew that got there after the event.

Although they claim there weren't any other calls about a gas smell, that isn't true.  A new line was supposed to be installed last June but no one seems to know if it had been.

The owner of the building had been issued a summons (which was paid) for vertical cracks found in the building by the aforementioned Con Ed.

Several dogs have been electrocuted when walking on manholes and grating, thanks to Con Ed.

Manholes have been blown sky high.

Con Edison -- killing New York a few at a time.

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